Round electro permanent magnetic chuck

Magnetic lifting Beams

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Round electro permanent magnetic chuck


The series EP magnets are used for lifting single piece of thin steel sheet of below 6mm thickness, These magnets can generate 12kg/cm² lifting force, furthermore it will not lift the second piece steel sheet.


Electrical power is only required when cycling from Magnetize to Demagnetize.
Cycle time is 1-3 seconds depending on the size of the system.
No battery back-up required
No heat is generated since the power is not constantly applied.
Variable magnetic power for the handling of thin sheets of steel.
Magnetic lifting provides the ability to lift plates without the use of dunnage.
Anti-Demag feature to prevent the demagnetize cycle during the lift.
All lifters are tested to 3 X the safe working load.
Permanent-Electro Technology requires no moving in the magnetic modules.


Round electro permanent magnetic chuck
Round electro permanent magnetic chuck
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